About M Vest Energy

M Vest Energy consists of 15 dedicated colleagues with long and varied experience in the oil and gas industry. Together with the owners who have many years of experience from different industries and active ownership, M Vest Energy is a highly competent, technologically leading and flexible energy business.



The history of M Vest Energy dates back to 2011, when Jonny Hesthammer – together with his colleagues Susanne Sperrevik and Aris Stefatos – established the oil company Emergy Exploration. The company was pre-qualified as a license holder on the Norwegian Continental Shelf in 2012. Later that year the company was acquired by Atlantic Petroleum P/F. Until 2016, Atlantic Petroleum Norge AS had the responsibility for the company´s activities on The Norwegian Continental Shelf and focused mainly on exploration licenses and the development of these.

In 2016 the company´s activa and staff were acquired by M Vest Energy AS, a company owned by the management of Atlantic Petroleum Norway, together with M Vest AS (Trond Mohn and Lars Moldestad). In December 2016, the new energy business was approved as a license holder on The Norwegian Continental Shelf, and in January 2017 M Vest Energy was awarded its first license by the awarded its first license by the Ministry of petroleum and energy in the licensing round, APA 2016



Our strategy is to optimize and develop the existing portfolio within the frameworks available. The company management is actively working to uncover the new opportunities that arise as a result of huge changes in the sector. This applies both in Norway and internationally. Parallell with the management of the company´s licenses, M Vest Energy is strongly focused on always being two steps ahead of the development within technology, with a special focus on the opportunities that lies in the utilization of digital technology.

The company shall conduct its business in a way that minimizes footprint on the climate and environment, and especially be in the forefront when it comes to reducing emissions to air and water. ESG will be central in the day-to-day operations.

Core values

Openness, competitive, innovative, sustainable.


Corporate Social Responsibility

Social responsibility is at the heart of M Vest Energy’s activities. We strive to maximize M Vest Energy’s economical contribution to society through creating workplaces, contributing to innovation and a sustainable economic growth. The company will contribute constructively in the social debate regarding climate change.

We comply to just competition, transparent processes and great emphasis on good behavior in all branches of our activities.