M Vest Energy consists of 14 dedicated colleagues with long and varied experience in the oil and gas industry. Together with the owners who have many years of experience from different industries and active ownership, M Vest Energy is a highly competent, technologically leading and flexible oil company. See all our staff below.




Jonny Hesthammer


Jonny Hesthammer is the CEO and board member in M Vest Energy AS. He has more than 30 years of experience from the oil industry and has been involved with starting several oil companies in the Bergen region. In addition to this, Hesthammer has over several years contributed as a professor in Geology and Geophysics at the University of Bergen, and has published a number of scholarly/scientific articles.

Jonny is passionate about nature and climate, and has written a number of articles on the role of the oil industry in the future. Hesthammer is a qualified geologist/geophysicist from The university of Bergen (B.Sc and PhD) and Vancouver (M.Sc).


Susanne Sperrevik

Director of Business Development and Exploration

Susanne Sperrevik is the director of business development and exploration in M Vest Energy AS. She has more than 20 years of experience from the oil industry and has been involved in the start-up of several oil companies in the Bergen region. In addition to this, Sperrevik has been employed in operating companies such as Norsk Hydro, Statoil and Rocksource. She has published a range of scholarly/scientific articles.

Sperrevik is educated at The University of Bergen (Cand. Scient and Dr. Scient). She has furthered her education at BI/NHH in management- and corporate administration.


Aris Stefatos


Aris Stefatos is Chief Operating Officer and one of the founding partners of M Vest Energy AS. He has more than 20 years of work experience, most of which in the oil industry, and has been involved in the start-up of several oil companies in the Bergen region. Previously he helped launching Emergy Exploration AS, later acquired by Atlantic Petroleum.

Stefatos has held management positions in Atlantic Petroleum Norge and Emergy Exploration where he was responsible for exploration technologies, assets and portfolio management.

He is well known for his work on integrating EM methods for hydrocarbon exploration, and has published numerous scientific articles. Stefatos educated from Patra (Greece) and holds a B.Sc., M.Sc. and a Ph.D. in geology, oceanography & geophysics.



Jonas Aas Torland

Senior Geologist

Jonas Aas Torland is a senior geologist in M Vest Energy AS. He has 9 years of experience from the oil industry, specializing in exploration and project management. He has broad experience from both geological and geophysical projects from greater parts of the Norwegian Continental Shelf. He has previously worked for oil companies Rocksource and Pure in addition to several consultancy roles. Torland is a qualified geologist from The University of Bergen (M.Sc).


Atle Mundheim

Senior Drilling Engineer

Atle Mundheim is a senior geologist in M Vest Energy AS. He has a 28 year long professional career in the oil & gas industry, in which he held operational and senior management positions within Drilling and Sub Sea Operations in the North Sea until year 2000. From there on Atle has developed and commercialized several water treatment technologies and startup companies and gained wide experience from international operations.

Morten Nilsen

Morten Nilsen


Morten Nilsen is ICT responsible in M ​​Vest Energy AS. In addition, he is responsible for a number of administrative tasks, and contributes within accounting and payroll. He has long and broad experience from a number of different industries, both as a consultant and as an employee.

Inge Kartveit

Inge Kartveit

Project manager

Inge Kartveit is project manager in M Vest Energy AS. He has 30 years’ experience from oil industry where the last years was as project manager for drilling operations on the NCS. He has a broad experience from technical maintenance, offshore as directional driller, sales, marketing and as project management within the oil industry. Kartveit is educated through the Norwegian air force with technical college and military officer graduation including a professional letter in electro mechanic.


Sigve Lothe

Senior Engineer

Sigve Lothe is a Senior Engineer in M Vest Energy. Lothe has more than 15 years offshore experience from the Norwegian continental shelf as well as international. He has held several positions in the oil & gas industry, such as Project Maintenance Engineer, Chief Engineer, Subsea Engineer and Asset Supervisor. Lothe is an accredited Subsea Engineer and licensed Chief Engineer with educated from the Technical College of Haugesund.


Stein E. Giljarhus

Drilling Manager

Stein is responsible for the planning and implementation of a safe and efficient drilling operation in M ​​Vest Energy. He has more than 40 years of experience from the oil and gas industry, and has, besides long experience from the Norwegian shelf, participated and led drilling activities in several Asian countries, as well as several countries in the Middle East, Africa, Latin America and Canada. He was among other things VP Operations in Transocean, CEO of the companies; Sevan Drilling, Neptune Marine Pte Ltd, and AGR Group, where he also co-founded. Later he has been involved in field developments in the North Sea, mainly in the role of Contracts Advisor in Repsol. Stein has a BSc in Petroleum technology from the University of Stavanger.


Alexandre Verechtchaguine

Senior Geophysicist

Alexandre Verechtchaguine (Alexander Vereshagin) is senior geophysicist and responsible for EM projects and data analysis. He has more than 15 years’ experience as physicist/geophysicist with more than 10 years in oil industry. Alexandre has worked with most aspects of CSEM technology, since the early days of technology adoption, working on projects with major operators like Statoil, Shell, Repsol, Centrica, Total, and others.

He has numerous scientific publications in the field of geophysics, mathematical and particle physics. Verechtchaguine has an M.Sc. in physics (honors) from St. Petersburg State University, Russia, and a Ph.D. in particle physics from University of Bergen, Norway.


Christian Tveit

Financial Controller

Christian Tveit is the financial controller in M Vest Energy AS. He has over 11 years of experience with accounting and taxation, and was one of the owners in the company he worked for when it was acquired by PriceWaterhouseCoopers in 2012.

Christian has worked with accounting in the oil industry since 2015. He has a Bachelor´s degree in business administration (BAA) from The Norwegian Business School (BI) with a specialty in Finance.


Stein Kjetil Helle

Senior Geologist

Stein Kjetil Helle is a senior geologist in M Vest Energy AS. He has 15 years of experience from the oil industry, specializing in exploration on the Norwegian Continental Shelf. He has broad experience as a geologist. He has previously worked as a consultant in the oil industry and within land-based geology, as well as lecturing and research in academia. Helle is a qualified geologist from The University of Bergen (M.Sc and PhD).


Lars Kristian Strønen

Staff Geophysicist

Lars Kristian Strønen is the staff geophysicist in M Vest Energy AS. He has 36 years of experience from a range of oil companies and has held different positions within exploration and production, both nationally and internationally. Strønen has also been the head of the geology and geophysics department of Statoils Gullfaks production unit, where he for several years also worked as a project manager for the implementation of seismic reservoir monitoring. Strønen has a Cand Real degree in Geophysics from The University of Bergen.


Åse Skålnes Strømme

QHSE Leder/Senior Petroleumsingeniør

Åse Skålnes Strømme is a senior petroleum engineer and HSE leader in M Vest Energy AS. She has 20 years of experience from the oil industry, mainly from Hydro and Statoil. She has experience from a range of different positions within field development and production, including subsea lead for field development projects. Åse is a trained geologist from the University of Oslo (B.Sc) and Bergen (M.Sc).